Thursday, 20 May 2010

So this is blogging...


This is my very first blog..ever! I honestly have no idea why i'm thinking i can start "writing" but you don't know unless you try right?!

So where to start, well if you read the about me section, you'll already know i live in Norwich. I'm currently working in finance and have been training to be a management accountant for the last two years. After a recent realisation that i simply do not know who i am, i have decided to start a blog and start writing about some up coming changes i hope to see in my life over the next coming months and years. I'm either one of the bravest people i know, or the stupidest...

My first chapter in this exciting new change is coming up in about a month's time, me and my boyfriend - who i will be referring to as Jlowe in posts - are about to move in together and become the "young professional couple" ....well as society would like to label us! Excited is an understatement for us both. Yes we have both lived with partners before, but this feels totally new and exciting. I will of course have to adjust living with a boy again, after living with my bestest of my besties, Charlott for the last 6 months! I am also going to have to adjust to the access of just 1 wardrobe instead of 2! This will probably result in lots more purchases of new (and old!) items of clothing...

My still reletively new relationship with Jlowe has been somewhat of a whirlwind so far, i still honestly can say i do not know where this amazing man came from, but i am most definately the happiest i have ever been. I am a very lucky girl and i really appreciate what i have right now every single day. My past has not always been one of joy and happiness, i've been struck with more drama, tragedy and hurt in my first 20 years than most people encounter in a lifetime! Yet, instead of shying away from my past, i use it as something i have grown from. I am proud to be who i am, independant, head strong, confident and i know what are the most important things to me and that's what keeps me sane.

My obsession for perfection is not a secret to the loved ones who know me well...and this is something that he is about to discover on a whole new level as i plan and organise decoration for the new house. Trying not to totally banish all his possesions (which i prefer to push to the depths of my mind on regular occasions!) is somewhat of a challenge for me, but i'm not doing too badly in my eyes...i'm sure his would see a different picture though...Over the next few weeks i will be searching for the perfect white accessories for the bedroom, along with the perfect dining room combination to blend with the varied looks i shall be presenting throughout the given 4 rooms i can control but also trying to com-pri-mise - a word i don't always receive well. There will no doubt be tantrums and upset along the way, both amusing as well as stressful - the amusing are the ones to remember - they are the ones that count!

Each day i will no doubt have new idea's and new exciting plans and dreams, which you will all get to read and see as days go by. I can only hope you enjoy reading what rambling i have to offer, as much as i will enjoy writing them.


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