Tuesday, 10 August 2010

E is for Eyes

Another Finishing School challenge has been set by the lovely Lottie and this week we are talking about eyes.

Me wearing my glasses

The first challenge Lottie has set is to go and have an eye test. I have a wierd thing about eyes - they freak me out abit if i'm honest! However i wish to keep good care of my eyes and a few years back we recently discovered that my dear nana has a touch of glaucoma, an eye disease which can be hereditory through women in the family at an older age and therefore i tend to have eye tests every year just to make sure my eyes are in tip top condition! Last year i was told that i am becoming slightly long sighted and was prescribed very weak strength glasses to use at work for computer and close up work. The glasses aren't anything special - just the basics from Specsavers but i really love them and wearing them at work can sometimes work really well with whichever outfit i have on that day - never mind the health benefits - they look fab and i gain a real sense of secreterial power! (I'm not a secretary though...) I can be a little naughty at times and often forget to wear them for days on end, but be assured that as i write this i have made sure i am wearing them!

Grace Woodward
I am not quite ready to embrace the full geek chic of the glasses look - i feel that larger frames do not suit my face at all, but i wish i could because i adore the look which seems to be more and more acceptable than in previous years when glasses were just considered geek and not chic! Has anyone seen Grace Woodward on Britains Next Top Model!!! (right) She is stunning and i think her glasses are a great accessory, giving her character as well as enhanced beauty.

Specsavers have recently ran a competition for Spectacle Wearer of the Year. I believe this competition is now closed but it is great to see such an original competition and supported by the beautiful, well known Kelly Brook. I personally hope they run this again next year.

With or without my specs i make sure i am wearing make up everyday. Whether it is full on nothing spared make up or just the basics on a lazy day, having that little bit of slap on makes me feel a million times better. My usual day make up routine is as follows;

1. Garnier Caffiene Anti Dark Circles Roll On - This product was a present, given to me at Easter and i am officially hooked. I have previously used the original Caffiene Roll On, but i love this one because not only is it cooling and refreshes my eye area, it also has a touch of concealer in it so gives a great under eye base before applying foundation. I carry it with me and apply throughout the day when my eyes begin to tire from the strains of my working day.

2. Foundation - I use foundation every single day. I don't feel as though my skin looks "right" without it. In the last year i have switched to higher priced branded foundation as i wasn't happy with how the high street products made my skin feel, often leaving it powdery or greasy. The one i am using at the moment is Clinique's Perfectly Real Foundation as it applies so lightly, makes my skin feel soft and smooth and has real staying power. As i tend to use just a touch of foundation in summer days it stays on for most of my day and i do not have to reapply once.

3. Under Eye Concealer - Ladies, if you are anything like me you will never be without an under eye concealer. I always have really dark circles under my eyes and this is why i tend to use both the Roll On and Concealer. I have seen some people spend crazy amounts of money on concealers, yet i use a much cheaper product - Collection2000 illuminating-touch-concealer. It works brilliantly for me and lasts for ages! Just a couple of spots under the eye needed, blend and you are ready to go without the dark circles!

4. Eyeliner - I love eyeliner, you can get so many different versions and colours now and because of this it's becoming one of my favourite parts of my make up routine! I tend to have "phases" of eyeliner. At the moment i am using liquid as i love how it just glides across my eye, stays put better than a pencil - especially in this hot summer weather and makes my eyes look much more structured. I just line it from the inside corner of my eye all the way across and depending on my mood i occasionally add a small flick just at the outer corner. I use Rimmel's Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner as it has a great pen effect so is easy to apply and is as black as it could get.

5. Eyeshadow - I'm not a huge fan of hording colour after colour of eyeshadow. I know which colours suit my eyes and i stick to them. Having green eyes i find that for a day look, neutral browns, pinks and dark greens suit me best. For a night time look i tend to opt for darker purples. This metallic neutral eyeshadow from Rimmel is a firm favourite for my daytime look or if i feel like a slightly softer look, i'll opt for a light pink. I just sweep over the lid using a fair sized brush, carefully avoiding any not quite dry liner and dab in the inner corner to open my eyes out a little more.

6. Mascara - If i am lacking in energy and all the above is just too much to face, i will always flick on a layer or two of mascara. I do love my eyelashes as they are naturally long and are full on both the top and bottom, i can get away without wearing any mascara yet i'm addicted to how mascara just elongates my lashes even more! I am yet to find my one true mascara as i find they all do similar things, and with what seems to be a new one coming out every week i like to try new different products if i can. This month i am slightly torn as i am due for a new mascara and the one i have been using - Maybelline lash-stiletto ultimate length mascara has served me well. I don't remember having a day where i had clumpy or unnatractive lashes and for that reason I may be purchasing this one again - unless something truly wonderful catches my eye in the process!

This process takes me less than 15 minutes a day to complete and makes all the difference to how i feel about myself. I am all for applying make-up to make yourself feel better, yet i do recommend removing make up at the end of every day, whether this is with cleansing wipes or facial washes, cleansers or scrubs. Having at least one make-up free day a week is also a good idea if you can to let your skin breathe for a long period of time. This doesn't mean not applying anything, but the products which are applied straight onto the skin such as foundation and concealer are best to avoid if you can just for this one day. I tend to opt for Sundays as i spend more time at home during this day and i feel much more refreshed when i apply again on a monday morning.


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