Thursday, 29 July 2010

Trim Trim!

Once again, my blog post's this week have been sparse! It's a crazy week as i have my dad's wedding coming up this weekend - so lots of organising and preperation has been needed for that! All will be blogged next week.

Anyway, today i just wanted to do a quick post on my obsession of the week! Trimphones.

I saw my first real Trimphone last week when my friend Claire had one delivered to our office. I instantly craved one as they are in true Retro 1960's style and i haven't been able to get them out of my head since!

The Trimphone first came about in the 1960's, they were positioned as a more fashionable alternative to a normal telephone. I think this style has stuck and even today this phone would be a perfect classic accessory to any room - rather than the dull, boyish looking cordless phone we currently have in our house!

The great thing about these telephones is that they come in a massive range of colours so there will be a Trimphone to suit everyone! This purple one would be perfectly matched to my living room and it reminds me of a phone my nana had when i was a youngster. However for those who would prefer a less striking colour i would recommend the red or white ones for a more classic but statement look.

All the colours featured above are available to buy from John Lewis here and cost around £35. You can also pick them up from Ebay for a slighty reduced price which ranges from approximately £20 - £35 or a fraction of that if you want to bid on a true vintage second hand telephone instead.


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  1. Awwww.... my first ever mention in a blog (that I'm aware of!!):/

    Thanks hun, the phone was a birthday pressie for my mum and she loves it!! They are very cool and I'm now on the look out for one in black for my house.

    Loving your blog btw - Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out!