Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Feminine & Fabulous!!!

One of my biggest inspirations to start writing my blog was a lovely lady called Lottie. This woman is brilliant! She is feminine, determined and i think she might one day take over the world! :-) For those on Twitter you can find her @LottieLoves1 and for everyone else please check out her fabulous blog and i highly recommend starting with this fantastic campaign - Feminine & Fabulous - which i think all us girlies (and some boys if you'd like!) should be getting involved in! Click on the Think Frock link on the left to be taken through to her wonderful blog.

So to complete my first assignment set by the gorgeous Lottie i want to tell the world that i love my randomly placed freckles! They are what makes me, well, me! I didn't choose where they are, yet noone else can imitate them - they are mine! I have matching ones on each hand just below my thumb - these are probably my favourites as they are symetrical! I also love the 3 which have decided to place themselves in a row on the top of my left arm! They are small, they are cute and make me unique from everyone else.

So there we have it, i love my freckles! I really hope everyone who reads this will check out Lotties new campaign and whether you choose to get involved or just prefer to stay as a silent watcher, i hope that you get something from it, just like i know i will.

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  1. I too have freckles I love. I have a row of five of them across my cheek bone. I love the fact they're in a straight line!

    Thank you so much for taking part and writing such a lovely post xxx